June 2009

Martha Minow named dean of Harvard Law School

by University of Michigan Press June 11, 2009

The University of Michigan Press would like to congratulate Martha Minow, the series editor of Law, Meaning, and Violence, on being named dean of Harvard Law School. "A member of the Law School faculty since 1981, Minow is a distinguished legal scholar with interests that range from international human rights to equality and inequality, from religion and pluralism to managing mass tort litigation, from family law and education law to the privatization of military, schooling, and other governmental activities."–Harvard Law School NewsContinue reading the article by clicking here: Harvard Law School. View all of the books in the Law, Meaning, […]

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Tom Diaz writes for “The Crime Report”

by kris bishop June 10, 2009

Tom Diaz, the author of No Boundaries, has written an article for "The Crime Report" discussing his inspiration and how he obtained information for the book. "As Mexico’s violent drug-fueled turf wars threaten to spread north of the border, many wonder whether the gangs have become integrated with Mexican drug cartels. One way to answer this question is to ask a better one: what will these gangs look like in ten or twenty years?" Read the full article here. Check out other UM Press blog entries about Diaz:Q&A with Tom Diaz, author of No BoundariesMichigan author, Tom Diaz, quoted in […]

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UM Press author Seth Masket discusses U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor

by kris bishop June 8, 2009

Seth Masket is the author of No Middle Ground, more information about the book can be found here. No Middle Ground:How Informal Party Organizations Control Nominations and Polarize Legislatures Cloth 978-0-472-11689-8 / $60.00  VIDEO INTERVIEW BELOW AFTER AD

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Honoring D-Day

by University of Michigan Press June 5, 2009

UMP author Mildred MacGregor's recent appearance at an event at the Yankee Air Museum in Belleville for World War II survivors reminded us that the anniversary of D-Day is once again upon us on June 6th. Some recent movies have done an amazing job of depicting the actual assault on Omaha Beach, but Mildred's account of what happened afterward, in the medical tents and along the roads behind that front line, is a shock to the system.

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Remembering Tiananmen Square with James Miles

by University of Michigan Press June 4, 2009

UMP author and BBC's correspondent in China during Tiananmen Square, James Miles, was featured in a BBC World audio slideshow. Click on the image to watch the special report or click here.  Learn more about James Miles' book: The Legacy of Tiananmen: China in Disarray. Recommended Reading: Almost a Revolution by Shen Tong. Listen to an interview with Shen Tong on The Story

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