Two UMP titles are Michigan Notable Books

by Heather Newman on December 17, 2009

Two University of Michigan Press titles were selected as 2010 Michigan Notable Books recently.

Bernstein Arnie Bernstein won for his book, Bath Massacre: America’s First School Bombing. As the committee described it “On
May 18, 1927, an explosion rocked the small town of Bath, in Clinton
County, when dynamite planted by Andrew Kehoe detonated in the basement
of the local school. In this dramatic history of the horrific tragedy
that claimed more than 40 lives (most of them schoolchildren),
including Kehoe and his wife, the author skillfully explores the
origins and events leading up to the tragedy, the terrible destruction
at the school and Kehoe’s farm, and how the stunned community struggled
to cope in the immediate aftermath.”

Link Also winning was Mardi Link’s Isadore’s Secret: Sin, Murder, and Confession in a Northern Michigan Town. Said the committee: “An
astonishing story of a nun who was murdered in Isadore nearly 100 years
ago. Years after the nun’s disappearance, her bones were found, but
only when local law enforcement found out about this murder as gossip
spread through the town was anything done to find out who killed the
nun, Sister Janina.  A compelling story and a well-researched and
carefully written account of the events that affected Isadore and its
Catholic Polish population so greatly.”

The Michigan Notable Books program annually selects 20 of the most notable books published in the year. The selections are reflective of Michigan’s diverse ethnic, historical, literary, and cultural experience.

The authors will be feted in an event next year, and will go on a speaking tour at Michigan libraries around the state. The Press offers its congratulations to both Bernstein and Link, and to everyone that worked on these two well-deserving books.

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