University of Michigan Press Ready for eBooks on the Apple iPad Tablet, Microsoft Surface

by kris bishop on January 27, 2010

Itab book Apple announces their newest hi-tech device today: a tablet touch-screen computer similar to a very large iTouch. Microsoft has responded with its own version of a new touch-screen device: the Microsoft Surface. As the eBook market picks up, this next step in user interface evolution will no doubt promote even larger readership than currently exists for eBooks and digital editions, including many new advances in interactivity and embedded media. This reflects the University of Michigan Press’ ongoing mission to use the best emerging technology to disseminate information as freely and widely as possible while preserving the integrity of published scholarship, as outlined by Press director Phil Pochoda. Michigan’s ongoing Digital Transition is aimed at the many new options for eBooks and eReaders that we’ll no doubt see in the very near future, all the while making sure that readers can still hold a book in their hand when they want to.

Check out our growing list of eBooks.

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Howie - ebook covers creator May 2, 2010 at 1:54 am

Even though with all the advance on technology, I still enjoy a hard copy in my hand that I could easily flip around and browse from the introduction then jump to the last page.
I see nowadays with the younger generation they just do too much text messaging and video gaming and lost the true enjoyment of thought provoking book reading.

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