Vancouver Winter Olympic Wrap-Up…A Skate in the Park Compared to Beijing?

by kris bishop on February 26, 2010


Owning the olympics_bookcover

Now that they’re wrapping up, how will the Vancouver Olympics be remembered by history? How will China remember them, with a Winter Olympics count of 9 Chinese medals compared to 100 Chinese medals from the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

According to many Western commentators, the People’s Republic of China seized the Summer Olympics in Beijing as an opportunity to reinvent itself as the “New China”—a global leader in economics, technology, and environmental issues, with an improving human-rights record. But China’s maneuverings have also been hotly contested by diverse global voices, including prominent human-rights advocates, all seeking to displace the official story of the Games.

Bringing together a distinguished group of scholars from Chinese studies, human rights, media studies, law, and other fields, Owning the Olympics reveals how multiple entities—including the Chinese Communist Party itself—seek to influence and control the narratives through which the Beijing Games were understood and will be understood in the years ahead.

About the book

Owning the Olympics: Narratives of the New China
by Monroe E. Price and Daniel Dayan, Editors
“The indispensable guide to the breaking stories about China, the Olympics, and the media”

Cloth: 978-0-472-070329
Paper: 978-0472-05032-1
Ebook: 978-0-472-02450-6




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