Kwame Kilpatrick, Disgraced Former Detroit Mayor, Sentenced: Detroit Still Governed by Old-School Politics of Race?

by kris bishop on May 25, 2010

Kaufman_small The Urban Voter: Group Conflict and Mayoral Voting
Behavior in American Cities

by Karen M. Kaufmann

New analysis of mayoral politics reveals the crucial role of racial interests in
local voting. Exploring 35 years of public opinion data from mayoral elections in
New York and Los Angeles, Karen M. Kaufmann
shows how perceptions of interracial conflict can outweigh party
attachments and political ideologies in local elections. Her incisive
analysis accounts for the Republican victories of the 1990s in
overwhelmingly Democratic cities, as well as the “liberal revivals” that
followed. The Urban Voter highlights
critical interactions between government institutions, local economies,
and social diversity, providing a much-needed assessment of urban
America’s changing demographics, and the ramifications of such changes
for American politics.

Karen M. Kaufmann is Assistant Professor in
the Department of Government and Politics at the University of
Maryland, College Park.

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