Hurricanes and oil spills could spell disaster for the Caribbean

by Bridget on June 23, 2010

Launching Global Health_cover

While Gulf Coast residents scramble to reinforce their property against an expected onslaught of summer hurricanes, concerns that the storms may be accompanied by oil spill debris present a new and unique challenge as Reuters recently reported.

In Haiti and other parts of the Caribbean, relief workers are especially anxious.  Their actions are reminiscent of those made nearly a century ago by the Rockefeller Foundation’s pioneering medical campaigns in international health as detailed in University of Michigan Press new release Launching Global Health, by Steven Palmer.

As “the first book to explore the inaugural Rockefeller Foundation campaigns in depth and to treat them as an ensemble—as a laboratory for discovering and testing the elements of a global health system for the twentieth century,” Palmer’s work  “rediscovers elements and dynamics in the original history of global health that were either discarded or that have continued to operate beneath the radar of scholarship.”

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