University of Michigan Press Fall 2010 Catalog

by University of Michigan Press on July 21, 2010

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Ablow The Feeling of Reading 
Ali Orange Alert 
Baum Responsive Democracy 
Beresford-Kroeger Arboretum Borealis 
Bergman The Madisonian Turn 
Bergmann Getting Ghost 
Berman German Literature on the Middle East 
Bial Theater Historiography 
Buckingham Home Truths? 
Callahan Kin of Another Kind 
Catanese The Problem of the Color[blind] 
Chilton Hazel Scott
Cline Ramesses III 
Daly The Empire Inside 
Davidson Lifting the Fog of Peace 
Davy Lady Dicks and Lesbian Brothers 
Deskins Presidential Elections, 1789-2008 
Earhart The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age 
Edlin Judges and Unjust Laws
Espada The Lover of a Subversive Is Also a Subversive 
Fischer Mabou Mines 
Gabrys Digital Rubbish 
Gazda Roman Art in the Private Sphere 
Gelbin The Golem Returns 
Hacker Unauthorized Voices 
Hausman Viral Mothers 
Jannarone Artaud and His Doubles 
Jones Americans, Congress, and Democratic Responsiveness
Keyes The Michigan Murders 
Kontje Thomas Mann’s World 
Kuo 100 Cool Mushrooms 
Majher Ladies of the Lights 
Meyer The Justice of Mercy 
Moraru Cosmodernism 
Murchison The American Stravinsky 
Murphy Anthrohistory 
Nelson Michigan Ice Hockey 
Pao No Safe Spaces 
Pardoe Lost Eagles 
Parrish Citizen Rauh 
Pond Head Hunters
Potter Life, Death, and Entertainment in the Roman Empire
Price Mad at School 
Reynolds Building Romanticism 
Reynolds Devils and Rebels
Robles The Novel as Event 
Roos Weimar through the Lens of Gender 
Rudinow Soul Music 
Savran Highbrow/Lowdown
Schoem College Knowledge for the Jewish Student 
Spark Good for the Jews
Spitz Illuminating Childhood 
Steele Defacing Power 
Stewart Public Office in Early Rome
Stewart Transforming Science and Engineering
Teres The Word on the Street 
Tilley The One-State Solution
Turow Playing Doctor 
van Dyke Franz Radziwill and the Contradictions of German Art
History, 1919-45 
Weldon When Protest Makes Policy 
Zagare The Games of July 
Zak I Don’t Sound Like Nobody 

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