Reverend Billy returns with the “Church of Earth-a-lujah” in a series of appearances

by Trade Marketing on January 19, 2011

“After ten years we ARE a church, if a post-religious one.”

Every Sunday starting January 30th, Reverend Billy, the revivalist preacher created by performance artist Bill Talen, is inviting readers to revel in the glory of the Reverend’s worship-show, “The Church of Earth-a-lujah.”

Reverend Billy is the subject of The Reverend Billy Project: From Rehearsal Hall to Super Mall with the Church of Life After Shopping by Savitri D and Bill Talen. The Reverend has attracted an international following as he has railed in white suit and clerical collar against the evils of excessive consumerism and corporate irresponsibility.

Hosted every Sunday at 7:30 PM at “Theater 80” – 80 St. Mark’s Place in New York’s East Village, the spectacular is described as “an urban study of indigenous wisdom, wrapped with a distortion of Jimmy Swaggart and a radical gospel choir from around the world.”

“What is happening to us is not natural disasters, these blackbirds and fish, droughts and floods and tsunamis and quakes… These are cries and laughter, these are YouTubes and tabloid scandals from our supreme being. Earth-a-lujah!”

In his early solo performances in Times Square he delivered sermons by megaphone against Starbucks and the Disney Store; as his message and popularity spread, he’s been joined by a 35-member choir (The Life After Shopping Gospel Choir) and a 7-piece band. The group’s acclaimed stage show and media appearances (including a major motion picture, What Would Jesus Buy?) have reached millions.

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