John Kenneth White, author of ‘Barack Obama’s America,’ writes a BestThinking article on changes in America

by Trade Marketing on February 21, 2011

JWhite_coverohn White, author of Barack Obama’s America, recently expressed that the composition of the American vote is evolving.  In a recent political article for BestThinking, White observes that the American population is not what it used to be.  It is this change in the distribution of the population that is redesigning the majority vote.

White observes that since the 1970s America has seen four social revolutions, the racial revolution, the family revolution, the gay rights revolution and the religious revolution.  Families are no longer only nuclear; religious identities are more encompassing; tolerance towards homosexuals is increasing; and eventually, “white” will no longer be the majority race. These revolutions have caused a change in social norms. This change is resulting in a redefinition of the population and causing a shift in the majority.  America is moving away from a conservative majority to a liberal one and from “Ronald Reagan’s America” to Barack Obama’s.

Learn more about at our changing nation in John White’s Barack Obama’s America.

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