Snow in April? Author Paul Gross tells us why Michigan weather is wacky

by Heather Newman on April 18, 2011

Gross cover thumbnail A week ago, it was 80 degrees in Michigan. Today, it’s snowing, with actual accumulation in some places. What gives? We turned to WDIV-TV meteorologist Paul Gross, author of Extreme Michigan Weather: The Wild World of the Great Lakes State, for help.

“As much as people don’t like the snow, we do get snow in April,” he said. “Almost every day during the last half of the month has had at least some snow in the past, including many with record snowfall over an inch. We’ve also had a few May days with snow that had to be shoveled.

“The last day we’ve ever seen snowflakes in Detroit was flurries on May 31st, 1910! And don’t forget that the biggest snow storm in Detroit history was on April 8th, 1886… we got two FEET of snow!Hope this makes you feel better.”

No, Paul, it really doesn’t. But to learn more about the wacky weather we get here in Michigan, be sure to check out his book (or listen to a podcast of him discussing weird weather, on the same page). From heat waves to cold snaps, tornadoes to waterspouts to deep snow, it covers it all.

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