“Illuminating Childhood” author recounts her travels in Czech Republic and India

by Shaun Manning on February 8, 2012

0472117548At the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, faculty blog, U-M Press author Ellen Handler Spitz recounts her recent travels in the Czech Republic and India.

“My trip started in the Czech Republic, where I am researching the children’s drawings from Terezin, a Nazi concentration camp,” she begins. “Since first visiting the camp 20 years ago, I have written and lectured on the opera and Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, the Bauhaus-trained artist who became the children’s art teacher. Over 4,000 drawings survive today, saved and hidden by her before she was taken to the gas chambers of Auschwitz; to write on them is my next project.”

Handler Spitz describes her experiences in Prague before beginning the next leg of her journey, traveling to India, where she had been invited to give several lectures.

For the full story, including photos, head over to TalkingHeads@UMBC.

Illuminating Childhood: Portraits in Fiction, Film, and Drama is available now in hardcover from the University of Michigan Press; a paperback edition will be released in March.

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