‘Mex-Ciné’ author Frederick Aldama discusses new Latino superhero with Fox News

by Shaun Manning on February 25, 2013

Frederick Aldama, whose book Mex-Ciné: Mexican Filmmaking, Production, and Consumption in the Twenty-first Century will be published in April, spoke with Fox News Latino about the debut of DC Comics’ newest Latino superhero, code named Vibe.

While the original Vibe, introduced in early 1980s, was widely derided as a poor stereotype–he is one of the few heroes in comics to be killed but not return to life–Aldama told Fox that the new version of the character is considerably more realistic. “Artwise it’s amazing. His skin color is dark and they didn’t just give him Caucasian features. He looks and speaks like Latinos today,” he said, adding, “The Latino-ness of the character is there like we are very much here in this nation.”

The new Vibe debuted simultaneously in two comics last week, Justice League of America #1 and Justice League of America’s Vibe #1.

To read more of Professor Aldama’s take on the character, head over to Fox News Latino. For more of his intriguing exploration of contemporary Mexican cinema, you’ll want to preorder Mex-Ciné.

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