THIS WEEK: Animal Acts Performance Festival, a prelude to new UMP title

by Shaun Manning on March 20, 2013

Joseph Keckler Joseph Keckler will perform at the Animal Acts symposium.

University of Michigan’s Duderstadt Media Center Video Studio plays host to Animal Acts: Beasts of the Northern Wild Performance Festival and Symposium March 21-23, with presenters including Una Chaudhuri and Holly Hughes, editors of the forthcoming University of Michigan Press title Animal Acts: Performing Species, which is set to debut in December. The symposium, organized by Hughes, promises a host of presenters “provoking and performing, in dialogue with faculty, students and staff, as well as the general guests.”

Chaudhuri and Hughes’ book will be the first anthology of animal-related performance pieces, marking a significant contribution to the lively field of Animal Studies. In addition to play scripts and commentary from leading scholars, Animal Acts will also feature video excerpts of several performances. The Animal Acts symposium, though, presents a chance to see several live performances and witness lively discussions of the art.

For a full schedule and many striking images, visit the Animal Acts Tumblr.

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