APSA Honors Lynda Powell with Virginia Gray Award

by Phillip Witteveen on July 7, 2014

rsz_9780472051724The American Political Science Association is a nerve center in a global network of political thought. One of its many functions—besides serving as a forum and publishing outlet—is to shelve into cogent, discernible legacies the strongest, most recent contributions to the field of political science. Which is to say: sponsoring awards. There are annual awards for entries in categories like Paper, Journal Article, Dissertation, and Book—all for work in “state policy”.

And then, there are awards for more “enduring contributions” in analysis of broader, more national-scale political goings-on.

Lynda Powell’s The Influence of Campaign Contributions in State falls in the latter, national category, honored with The Virginia Gray Award for “the best political science book published on the subject of U.S. state politics or policy in the preceding three calendar years.”

Join us in congratulating Dr. Powell on her achievement, and be sure to check out The Influence of Campaign Contributions in State Legislatures.

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