Simi Linton’s ‘Invitation to Dance’ to Screen at Moscow Film Festival

by Phillip Witteveen on October 24, 2014

rsz_9780472115396In 1971, Simi Linton was in a car accident. She lost her husband, her best friend, and the use of her legs. From that day on, she was in a new category. Once a dancer, a student, and an activist—now she would have to navigate all these social places as a disabled person, too—and in an America that didn’t quite know what to think of the disabled, culturally, institutionally.

Basically, she did. And with so much personal inertia that she began to align a movement advocating for social justice in her wake. Linton holds a Ph.D., has authored several books, and is the founder of the Disability/Arts organization.

Simi Linton’s most recent endeavor is the documentary Invitation to Dance, which follows her life as an agent in forty years of cultural and institutional shift. The film was an official selection of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and Social Justice Film Festival, and has screened at the Reelatabilities NY Disabilities Film Festival, the Margaret Mead Film Festival, and more.

In November, Invitation to Dance will run in Moscow (Idaho), at the city’s Seventh International Disability Film Festival “Breaking Down Barriers.” You can find out more about the film and future screenings at

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