In the Name of Editorial Freedom Book Launch

by Kasie Pleiness on October 1, 2015

MDen Book Signing

In the Name of Editorial Freedom: 125 Years at the Michigan Daily, a compilation of original essays by some of the best-known Daily alumni about their time on the staff, was released this past week. Editor Stephanie Steinberg and other Daily alumni were on campus last Thursday, September 24, for the book’s launch at the M-Den on State Street. A day later at the Daily’s 125th Anniversary dinner, Rebecca Blumenstein, deputy editor in chief of the Wall Street Journal and former editor in chief of the Daily, mentioned her pride in having been involved with the project. “Reading through this inspiring book, I am struck not only by the great writing and how unique and personal each person’s stories are – but by the threads that tie them all together. The sense of mission. The jump-in-the-deep-end-then-learn-to-swim attitude. The passion. The tradition. The audacity. The earnestness. The rascally iconoclasm. Over and over, we see these things repeated as one group gives way to another, for generation after generation.” Her entire speech is available here.

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