University of Michigan Press extends free-to-read ebook access and requests library support

by Lanell White April 7, 2020

University of Michigan Press (UMP) will extend temporary free-to-read access to the UMP Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) until the end of June 2020, strengthening its support of students, librarians, and professors who need ebook access throughout the entire spring semester. Any user globally can simply access, read, and enjoy. No registration or IP-validation is required. With support from its faculty Executive Committee and University leadership, the Press recognizes these are extraordinary times and is happy to support unrestricted access to the leading scholarship of its authors. Since March 20, 2020, when access restrictions were turned off, page views of UMP […]

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Top Titles in the UMP Ebook Collection

by Charles Watkinson March 19, 2020

Using Altmetric Explorer, the Open Syllabus Project, and Dimensions, we’ve identified the University of Michigan Press titles in the UMP Ebook Collection that are most discussed (i.e., have the highest Altmetric scores), most used in classrooms (i.e., are featured in the most open syllabi), and most cited (i.e., feature the highest citation numbers in the Dimensions index). It’s not very scientific, but if you are looking to catch up on some reading or spice up your online teaching, you might find a keeper here. UMP EBC offers unlimited multi-user, perpetual access, and DRM-free copies to purchasing libraries and all titles […]

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University of Michigan Press COVID 19 Response: Free Access to Scholarly Ebooks

by Charles Watkinson March 17, 2020

In response to the request of the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) for “creative solutions that allows critical access to publisher content for the research and public health communities,” University of Michigan Press will make all content in the University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) free-to-read for the remainder of the academic term. Beginning on Friday, March 20, access restrictions will be removed for all 1,150+ titles in the UMP EBC until the end of April 2020 {updated to end of June on 4/7/20}. The UMP EBC contains the Press’s scholarly output published since 2012 as well […]

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The Press’s Role in Building Digital Scholarship Communities

by Charles Watkinson November 7, 2019

Two years ago, University of Michigan Press was part of a coalition of faculty members awarded a grant by the Humanities Collaboratory at the University of Michigan. Since September 2017, the “Book Unbound” project has explored ways of expanding the presentation of long-form digital scholarship at three “sites.” Each “site” represents a publication project from three contrasting disciplines: archaeology, writing studies, and film studies. For archaeology, the Gabii project has explored ways of integrating narrative, a 3D model, and a database to create a new form of archaeological report — as shown in A Mid-Republican House from Gabii. For writing […]

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Schironi’s ‘The Best of the Grammarians’ wins prestigious Goodwin Award of Merit from Society for Classical Studies

by Shaun Manning October 4, 2019

We are very pleased to announce that Francesca Schironi’s volume The Best of the Grammarians: Aristarchus of Samothrace on the Iliad has been awarded the Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit by the Society for Classical Studies, the national association for study of Greco-Roman culture. The Charles J. Goodwin Awards of Merit are presented for outstanding contributions to classical scholarship; they are the only honors for scholarly achievement given by the Society. The Society’s prize award notes, “The Best of the Grammarians is a monumental study that is unlikely to be surpassed for generations to come… (It) is a massive reconstruction of the […]

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