APSA Honors Lynda Powell with Virginia Gray Award

by Phillip Witteveen July 7, 2014

The American Political Science Association is a nerve center in a global network of political thought. One of its many functions—besides serving as a forum and publishing outlet—is to shelve into cogent, discernible legacies the strongest, most recent contributions to the field of political science. Which is to say: sponsoring awards. There are annual awards for entries in categories like Paper, Journal Article, Dissertation, and Book—all for work in “state policy”. And then, there are awards for more “enduring contributions” in analysis of broader, more national-scale political goings-on. Lynda Powell’s The Influence of Campaign Contributions in State falls in the latter, national […]

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Lynda Powell discusses campaign finance in the Washington Post

by Shaun Manning November 6, 2013

Lynda Powell, who was recently awarded the prestigious Richard J. Fenno Jr. prize from the American Political Science Association (APSA) for her book The Influence of Campaign Contributions in State Legislatures, contributed an editorial to the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog ahead of Tuesday’s elections. In her post, Powell notes that campaign contributions do not have a clear effect on state legislators’ votes on a particular bill, as lawmakers decide primarily on “ideology, partisanship and constituency interests,” but money nevertheless plays a role in shaping the language of a bill. “Members have many opportunities, especially in the committee process, to structure […]

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‘When Protest Makes Policy’ by S. Laurel Weldon wins the Victoria Schuck Award

by Phillip Witteveen September 19, 2012

Political theorist S. Laurel Weldon’s When Protest Makes Policy: How Social Movements Represent Disadvantaged Groups is the winner of the 2012 Victoria Schuck Award for best contribution to women and politics. A major annual award from the American Political Science Association, the prize was instituted to honor Schuck’s mentorship and service  to women as a political scientist and professor. When Protest Makes Policy is a case study into social conflict in democracy, and its role as a form of representation for disadvantaged groups. The book’s themes became especially relevant shortly after publication with the advent of the Arab Spring and Occupy […]

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Avoid Glenn Beck Rally Attendance: Stop by Our Booth at the 2010 American Political Science Association Meeting in Washington, D.C.

by kris bishop August 29, 2010

The University of Michigan Press will be hosting our annual book display at the American Political Science Association Meeting in Washington, D.C. at booth #210. If you’re into that sort of thing, you should stop by and check out some of our new political science releases below in person. In the meantime, click on a title for more information: FEATURED TITLE: Presidential Elections, 1789-2008: County, State, and National Mapping of Election Data by Donald R. Deskins, Jr., Hanes Walton, Jr., and Sherman C. Puckett   NEW RELEASES: Americans, Congress, and Democratic Responsiveness: Public Evaluations of Congress and Electoral Consequences (paperback) […]

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Congratulations to Professor Jerry Goldman, Winner of the APSA/CQ Press Award for Teaching Innovation in Political Science

by Bridget August 12, 2010

Co-Editor of the University of Michigan Press title, A Good Quarrel, Professor Jerry Goldman, Ph.D. of Northwestern University was recently awarded the 2010 CQ Press Award for Teaching Innovation in Political Science. Dr. Goldman was chosen for the award based on his work in creating Pocket Justice which allows users to access information about Supreme Court cases using their iPhones and other smart phones. He applied this same 21st century understanding of information and attention to Supreme Court law to A Good Quarrel.  The book, published in 2009, features commentary and analysis from top legal reporters of the most important oral arguments in […]

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