William Rapai discusses The Kirtland’s Warbler on Interlochen Public Radio

by Phillip Witteveen March 29, 2013

William Rapai, author of The Kirtland’s Warbler, appeared on Interlochen Public Radio’s Points North with Peter Payette recently to discuss the ornithological history of the rare Kirtland’s warbler. “Our understanding of the Kirtland’s warbler developed just in time to save it from extinction, and today, the population is estimated at more than 2000 birds,” Rapai said. This bird, soon to come off the endangered species list, nests primarily in stretches of jack pine forest that grow in the sandy soil of Northern Michigan. The first Kirtland’s warblers baffled the natural scientists of the mid 1800’s, and from its early elusive sightings,  they have continued to […]

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Celebrate Michigan Wildlife this Holiday Season

by Brianne Johnson December 10, 2012

This holiday season, embrace the great outdoors without sacrificing your toes to the cold. How? It’s simple: celebrate Michigan wildlife with the Press’s The Lone Wolverine and The Kirtland’s Warbler. As part of the UMP Holiday Sale, these books (and more!) will be available through Dec. 31, 2012 for 40% off!

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Endangered bird – and subject of recently published book – is beating the odds, according to new survey

by Brianne Johnson November 1, 2012

Since the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced a population all-time high for the Kirtland’s warbler — the rarest warbler species in North America — one thing has been made clear, according to a DNR endangered species coordinator quoted in the DNR’s press release: “We are witnessing a conservation success story.” And that inspiring and amazing story is documented in The Kirtland’s Warbler: The Story of a Bird’s Fight Against Extinction and the People Who Saved It by William Rapai, which was recently published by the Press. According to the DNR’s annual survey, the number of singing male Kirtland’s warblers spiked […]

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Birders: The Central Park Effect, a documentary now airing on HBO, features controversial double-crested cormorant

by Emily July 20, 2012

The double-crested cormorant, which many people—particularly in the Great Lakes region—would say takes the top slot on the list of the most hated birds in America, has landed at the top of the credits list at the end of “Birders: The Central Park Effect,” a documentary currently showing on HBO. According to the New York Times, the birds featured in “Birders” are listed in the credits in the order in which they appear. On their website, HBO says the film “Reveals the extraordinary array of wild birds who grace Manhattan’s celebrated patch of green and the equally colorful New Yorkers […]

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Guest blog: Press author William Rapai on not being able to close the book on his relationship with the Kirtland’s warbler

by Emily June 7, 2012

William Rapai is the author of The Kirtland’s Warbler: The Story of a Bird’s Fight Against Extinction and the People Who Saved It. Here, he writes about the people he met while researching the book, his recent trips to see the birds—which arrived in their Northern Michigan summer nesting grounds last month—and how he just can’t seem to say farewell to the rare and charming Kirtland’s warbler. It should have been good-bye, but it wasn’t. During the introductions of the attendees at the winter 2012 meeting of the Kirtland’s Warbler Recovery Team, I stood up, introduced myself and told the […]

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