Patrick James on the New Books Series

by Phillip Witteveen June 17, 2013

Professor, author, and Canadian Patrick James joined host Dan Nexon on New Books in Science Fiction to discuss his recent International Relations of Middle Earth: Learning from the Lord of the Rings, (co-authored by Abigail Ruane). The idea rose out of James’ childhood interest in the series. “For many years, I’d been re-reading the books—was incredibly excited when the Peter Jackson movies came out. And what happened, was the Abi Ruane and I stumbled upon each other. We discovered this complementary interest while on a bus,” James said. The book delves into the leadership and decision-making of the events of […]

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‘No Boundaries’ author Tom Diaz discusses gun violence on “Fresh Air,” “The Young Turks”

by Phillip Witteveen January 16, 2013

In the aftermath of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, former gun enthusiast turned anti-gun activist  Tom Diaz has presented his views on several programs, including NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross and Current TV’s The Young Turks. As a political advisor to Congress on the Crime and Criminal Justice Subcommitee, Diaz brought his expertise of gun culture and crime to his University of Michigan Press book No Boundries, an account of the rise of Latino gang activity. Styled as the “new mafia”, these sweeping organizations have a powerful role in a violent transnational drug trade. His newest book is titled The Last Gun: Changes […]

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Q&A with Amy Kenyon, author of Ford Road

by Emily July 27, 2012

Ford Road, a new Michigan-based novel by historian Amy Kenyon, tells the story of Kay Seger, a historical consultant to a Los Angeles film company who abandons her career to return to her childhood home in Michigan after the death of her mother. There, Kay rekindles a teenage love affair with Joe Chase, now a Vietnam War veteran and Ford auto worker, and begins an investigation of her family’s past that transports readers to Detroit at the dawn of the automotive age and Michigan’s rural western counties after the settlement of the frontier. In this Q&A, Kenyon, who was born in Dearborn, […]

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Now on YouTube: “Isadore’s Secret”

by Heather Newman May 11, 2010

A dramatic trailer for a University of Michigan Press book is now available for viewing online, thanks to the help of a Traverse City video production student. The trailer is for Isadore’s Secret by Mardi Link, the true story of a nun from a small northern Michigan town who disappears, only to be found a decade later buried in the church basement. The video was put together by Julia Ortwell of Traverse City Central High School. View it below on our YouTube channel, and read on to see Mardi’s “making of” commentary! Mardi Link comments: “On first glance, book trailers […]

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Getting to Grassroots: Author Clarence Lang

by kris bishop September 17, 2009

by Clarence Lang, author of new release GRASSROOTS AT THE GATEWAY: CLASS POLITICS AND BLACK FREEDOM STRUGGLE IN ST. LOUIS, 1936-1975 “All scholarship is autobiographical.  I often wonder, then, whether my scholarly interest in the dynamics of class among African Americans stems from a desire to grapple with my own contradictions as someone from a working-class background who grabbed certain opportunities, squandered others, and in the process became a black middle-class professional who lives and works very differently from most African Americans. When I think of the experiences that may have contributed to my research, I can pull from the […]

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