Honoring D-Day

by University of Michigan Press June 5, 2009

UMP author Mildred MacGregor’s recent appearance at an event at the Yankee Air Museum in Belleville for World War II survivors reminded us that the anniversary of D-Day is once again upon us on June 6th. Some recent movies have done an amazing job of depicting the actual assault on Omaha Beach, but Mildred’s account of what happened afterward, in the medical tents and along the roads behind that front line, is a shock to the system.

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Author interview with Cynthia Baron, co-author with Sharon Marie Carnicke of Reframing Screen Performance

by University of Michigan Press September 11, 2008

Are screen actors just playing themselves? Can film acting be considered “true” acting? Are there ways to describe the acting choices we see in films? These are some of the questions Cynthia Baron and Sharon Carnicke address in their new book, Reframing Screen Performance. The authors draw on new evidence to dispel some deep-rooted misconceptions about film acting. From there, they explore film performances using accessible terms developed by actors, directors, and a handful of scholars in theatre and film. They show that viewers’ interpretations are shaped by everything on screen, including the gestures and expressions that work in concert […]

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