Clarence Lang

Black History Month Sale: 30% off select books!

by Kathryn Beaton February 8, 2017

In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting books in our “African-American and African Studies” category. Whether you’re interested in civil rights, slam poetry, policy issues, music, or how these intersect with a variety of other topics, you can find it all here. Use the code UMBHM17 for 30% off any of our 140 AAAS books. This offer is good on hardcovers, paperbacks, and ebooks, and can be used as many times as you want, until March 1st, 2017.   Black America in the Shadow of the Sixties: Notes on the Civil Rights Movement, Neoliberalism, and Politics Clarence Lang The 1960s, including […]

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Black History Month Spotlight: ‘Black America in the Shadow of the Sixties’

by Kasie Pleiness February 10, 2016

Throughout February, the University of Michigan Press will be featuring several titles for Black History Month. In Black America in the Shadow of the Sixties, Clarence Lang argues that the black social movements of the Civil Rights era present an obstacle to understanding the current conditions of African Americans. According to Lang, “the Sixties persists in the public imagination today in large part because it parallels the tumultuous historical period we currently inhabit.” Perpetuating the Sixties as a point of political, social, and cultural reference has the potential to limit black Americans’ contemporary political thinking and activism. Combining interdisciplinary scholarship, […]

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Black freedom struggles displayed in St. Louis, says story featuring UMP author

by Heather Newman February 25, 2010

In the Sunday February 21st St. Louis Beacon political reporter Jo Mannies writes, “Much is made of the civil-rights movement in northern cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit, or southern cities like Atlanta and Memphis. Clarence Lang, associate professor at the University of Illinois in African-American Studies and history, argues in his new book Grassroots at the Gateway: Class Politics and Black Freedom Struggle in St. Louis, 1936-75 that the civil-rights histories in border-state cities like St. Louis offer a clearer window into the nation’s longstanding struggle over race.” Click here to see the full story featuring Lang and […]

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