David Jones

UM Press author explains Congress’ low approval ratings for Huffington Post, KPFK

by University of Michigan Press August 17, 2011

David Jones, author of Americans, Congress, and Democratic Responsiveness: Public Evaluations of Congress and Electoral Consequences, was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post and KPFK in Los Angeles about the nation’s growing dissatisfaction with its elected representatives. Here, he attempts to answer the question: What’s the matter with Congress? According to a New York Times/CBS News poll conducted this past week, Congress may now be the most unpopular it has ever been. Eighty-two percent of Americans say they disapprove of the job Congress is doing. Other recent polls reveal similarly poor ratings. In light of these dramatic findings it is […]

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UM Press authors predict moderate losses for Democrats in this week’s elections

by Trade Marketing November 1, 2010

With the major news sources predicting a landslide victory for Republicans in Congress in four days, only the most cautious observers have predicted anything less. Yet, the model created by David Jones and Monika McDermott in their book Americans, Congress, and Democratic Responsiveness falls on the side of smaller losses for the Democratic Party. Real Clear Politics is predicting 47 Congressional races may change from Democrat to Republican, with 40 seats being a toss up. The statistician Nate Silver, who blogs through The New York Times, predicts a 52 seat loss for the Democrats. Many commentators have predicted losses even […]

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