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“Animal Acts” Now on Fulcrum

by Kathryn Beaton January 11, 2017

The University of Michigan Press/Michigan Publishing is proud to announce the launch of new video content on its publishing platform, Fulcrum. Animal Acts: Performing Species Today, a multidisciplinary anthology, is the first book from University of Michigan Press to have material on Fulcrum. The book examines how personal anecdotes about animals influence our understanding of what it means to be human. Eleven leading theater artists share their stories in this collection, and the writing—which explores race, gender, sexuality, class, nation, and environment—is accompanied by scholarly commentary. Because the text references visual aspects of the work, the ability to now see clips […]

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Michigan Publishing Announces Beta Launch of New Publishing Platform, Fulcrum

by Jonathan McGlone October 28, 2016

Note: This post was first published on the Fulcrum blog. Ann Arbor, MI — The University of Michigan Press/Michigan Publishing, in collaboration with University of Michigan Library IT, is proud to announce the initial beta launch of its Fulcrum publishing platform. In its beta phase, Fulcrum is focused on the presentation of digital source and supplemental materials that cannot be represented adequately in print form. Fulcrum allows for a richer experience and deeper understanding for the reader…

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University of Michigan Press Joins Books at JSTOR

by Shaun Manning June 27, 2011

Expanding the number of ways readers can access University of Michigan Press titles, the Press has joined Books at JSTOR, an initiative launching in June 2012 that will bring more than 20,000 ebooks to JSTOR’s expansive collection of online academic resources. JSTOR is already the go-to source for accessing scholarly journals online and also houses digital versions of more than one million primary sources. To date 22 publishers are on board for Books at JSTOR and the organizations hopes to launch with about 30 presses. “Delivering deeply linked, vital scholarly research to libraries, scholars, and students worldwide is our number […]

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Longer than an article, shorter than a book: UM Press director suggests (the return of) a new digital art form

by Heather Newman April 28, 2011

University of Michigan Press Director Phil Pochoda, along with coauthor Joseph Esposito, recently composed a piece for the On the Scholarly Kitchen blog of the Society for Scholarly Publishing on what they see as a new form of born-digital publications: the rebirth of the pamphlet-length, peer-reviewed piece, which is currently awkward in print (too long for a journal article, too short for a book). The entry is entitled “Through the Wormhole: A new format for the born-digital publisher,” and posits the return of the medium-form piece, a classic structure that harkens back to works such as Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense.”

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UM Press launches ebook rental program

by Heather Newman August 23, 2010

The University of Michigan Press announced today that it launched a new ebook rental program for more than 250 of its scholarly titles, allowing students or faculty to rent digital copies of the books at a discount for a month or six months. “The University of Michigan Press is committed to providing our titles in every format people would like to use, and to keeping readers’ costs down wherever possible,” said Karen Hill, Assistant Director and Digital Manager for the Press. “We expect that the lower rental prices will be a special help for students and faculty who only need […]

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