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A catalog sure to put a spring in your step

by Brianne Johnson November 19, 2012

We have yet to experience our first official snow of the season (in fact, it’s a balmy fifty-five degrees right now in Ann Arbor), but at the University of Michigan Press we’re already looking forward to Spring, thanks to our just-released Spring 2013 e-Catalog.

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Diane Torr appears at ‘Man for a Day’ documentary screenings in Germany

by Shaun Manning July 27, 2012

Diane Torr, co-author with Stephen Bottoms of Sex, Drag, and Male Roles: Investigating Gender as Performance, is currently on tour in Germany in support of Man for a Day, a documentary film by Katarina Peters chronicling Torr’s legendary workshops exploring the nature of gender. The film premiered at the Berlinale Film Festival in February and is now playing at select theatres in Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, and München, and opened this week in Frankfurt and Leipzig. Dresden and Göttingen will have screenings in September and October, respectively. For a full screening schedule and more information (in English or German), visit the Man for a Day […]

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Q&A with Theo Cateforis, author of Are We Not New Wave?

by University of Michigan Press May 4, 2011

New wave emerged at the turn of the 1980s as a pop music movement cast in the image of punk rock’s sneering demeanor, yet rendered more accessible and sophisticated. Artists such as the Cars, Devo, the Talking Heads, and the Human League leapt into the Top 40 with a novel sound that broke with the staid rock clichés of the 1970s and pointed the way to a more modern pop style. In Are We Not New Wave? Theo Cateforis provides the first musical and cultural history of the new wave movement, charting its rise out of mid-1970s punk to its […]

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Q&A with Diane Torr, co-author of Sex, Drag, and Male Roles: Investigating Gender as Performance

by University of Michigan Press October 19, 2010

Why would women want to perform as men? Why is gender crossing so compelling, whether it happens onstage or in everyday life? What can drag performance teach, and what aesthetic, political, and personal questions does it raise? Performance artist Diane Torr has been experimenting with the performance of gender for thirty years—exploring everything from feminist go-go dancing to masculine power play. One of the key pioneers of “drag king” performance, Torr has been celebrated internationally for her gender transformation workshops, in which she has taught hundreds of ordinary women how to pass as men on city streets around the world. […]

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Now on YouTube: “Isadore’s Secret”

by Heather Newman May 11, 2010

A dramatic trailer for a University of Michigan Press book is now available for viewing online, thanks to the help of a Traverse City video production student. The trailer is for Isadore’s Secret by Mardi Link, the true story of a nun from a small northern Michigan town who disappears, only to be found a decade later buried in the church basement. The video was put together by Julia Ortwell of Traverse City Central High School. View it below on our YouTube channel, and read on to see Mardi’s “making of” commentary! Mardi Link comments: “On first glance, book trailers […]

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