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Social Media and The Disabled Child

by Danielle Coty-Fattal January 11, 2023
Cover of The Disabled Child

This guest author post is by Amanda Apgar, author of The Disabled Child: Memoirs of a Normal Future, from the University of Michigan Press. This book is available in hardcover, paper, and open access. I have a saved collection of social media posts I call “baby crip romances.” Culled primarily from Instagram and Facebook (the platforms preferred by parents of a certain age), these posts typically feature a photograph of a disabled girl and disabled boy accompanied by a caption describing the children’s romantic connection. In one post, a parent ponders if “betrothed” better describes the best friendship between two pre-pubescent […]

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Q&A with “Queer Voices in Hip Hop” Author Lauron J. Kehrer

by Danielle Coty-Fattal November 1, 2022
Queer Voices in Hip Hop Cover

This guest author post is a Q&A with Lauron J. Kehrer, author of Queer Voices in Hip Hop: Cultures, Communities, and Contemporary Performance, from the University of Michigan Press. This book is available in hardcover, paper, and open access. What surprised you the most while conducting your research for the book? I don’t think surprised is the right word, but I was constantly realizing that there is a real lack of scholarly attention to Black queer and trans communities in music scholarship specifically, and in cultural studies more generally. Most scholarship on queerness in popular music has focused on white artists […]

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8 Books That Will Make You Fall in Love with Detroit

by Kristen Twardowski August 4, 2022

This summer take some time to brush up on your local history. From pop culture to social justice movements, from the music industry to the auto industry, we’ve curated a list of eight of our titles about Detroit. We love this city. And if you don’t know much about Detroit (or even if you do) these books will help you fall in love with it too. Jazz from Detroit by Mark Stryker Jazz from Detroit explores the city’s pivotal role in shaping the course of modern and contemporary jazz. With more than two dozen in-depth profiles of remarkable Detroit-bred musicians, […]

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“Animal Acts” Now on Fulcrum

by Kathryn Beaton January 11, 2017

The University of Michigan Press/Michigan Publishing is proud to announce the launch of new video content on its publishing platform, Fulcrum. Animal Acts: Performing Species Today, a multidisciplinary anthology, is the first book from University of Michigan Press to have material on Fulcrum. The book examines how personal anecdotes about animals influence our understanding of what it means to be human. Eleven leading theater artists share their stories in this collection, and the writing—which explores race, gender, sexuality, class, nation, and environment—is accompanied by scholarly commentary. Because the text references visual aspects of the work, the ability to now see clips […]

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2016 Call for Submissions: Tobin Siebers Prize for Disability Studies in the Humanities

by Charles Watkinson January 30, 2016

Submissions are now invited for the 2016 Tobin Siebers Prize for Disability Studies in the Humanities The work of the late Tobin Siebers has influenced Disability Studies in field-shifting ways since the publication of his prize-winning essay “My Withered Limb” in 1998. His subsequent scholarly publications including the books Disability Theory (2008) and Disability Aesthetics (2010) as well as essays such as “A Sexual Culture for Disabled People” (2012) quickly became pivotal works in the field. Siebers’s work has galvanized new scholarship in relation to questions of representation, subjectivity, and the entry of non-normative bodies into public space, and made […]

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