The Press congratulates Peter Jeffreys, winner of the 2011 State Literary Translation Award from the Greek Ministry of Culture

by Emily April 4, 2012

Peter Jeffreys has earned a major translation award from the Greek Ministry of Culture for Selected Prose Works (2010), a collection of prose pieces by acclaimed poet C. P. Cavafy published by the University of Michigan Press. While Cavafy’s poems have been widely translated, prior to the publication of Selected Prose Works very few of his prose pieces had been printed. In fact, of the forty pieces Jeffreys includes in the book, only thirteen had previously appeared in print, and only a handful of those had ever appeared in English. Comprised of essays, “prose poems,” short stories, self-assessments, and considerations […]

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Q&A with Eugene Dwyer, author of Pompeii’s Living Statues

by University of Michigan Press July 1, 2010

In AD 79, Mt. Vesuvius erupted in two stages. While the first stage was incredibly destructive, it was the second stage, a so-called pyroclastic flow that inundated Pompeii with a combination of superheated gases, pumice, and rocks, killing tens of thousands of people and animals and burying them in ash and mud. Pompeii’s Living Statues is a narrative account, supported by contemporary documents, of the remarkable discovery of those ancient victims preserved in the volcanic mud of Vesuvius. Eugene Dwyer is Professor of Art History at Kenyon College. Trained at Harvard and the Institute of Fine Arts at New York […]

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“Sacred Violence: Torture, Terror, and Sovereignty” by Paul Kahn

by kris bishop September 29, 2008

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The cover of our controversial new book Sacred Violence: Torture, Terror, and Soveriegnty, by Paul Kahn, boasts a work of art called “Abu Ghraib” by Columbian artist Fernando Botero. Author Paul Kahn writes from the controversial perspective that although we as Americans despise torture on the “civilized” level, we cannot escape a deeper fascination and dependence on it in the face of the War on Terror (check out Kahn’s guest author blog entry “Who Are We?”) and Botero’s art supports this deep, disturbing realization, making for a similarly powerful and thought-provoking cover. Fernando Botero Angulo (born April 19, […]

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