The Greco-Egyptian Magical Formularies

by Briana Johnson November 21, 2022

This guest author post with Chris Faraone – Sofia Torallas Tovar, editors of The Greco-Egyptian Magical Formularies: Libraries, Books, and Individual Recipes, from the University of Michigan Press. This book is available in hardcover and accessible ebook formats. As general editors of the project Transmission of Magical Knowledge: Magical Handbooks on Papyrus, we set out seven years ago with an international band of extremely talented scholars on the road of re-editing, translating, and studying the magical handbooks from Roman Egypt that have been preserved on papyrus. From Antiquity to the present, many cultures have collected and arranged magical knowledge, recipes, rituals, […]

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Q&A With “Made-Up Asians” Author Esther Kim Lee

by Briana Johnson July 5, 2022

This guest author post is a Q&A with Esther Kim Lee, author of Made-Up Asians: Yellowface During the Exclusion Era, from the University of Michigan Press. This book is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. What was the inspiration behind Made-Up Asians? What surprised you the most while conducting your research for the book?   For my first book, A History of Asian American Theatre (2006), I interviewed over seventy Asian American theater artists, including actors, playwrights, directors, producers, and designers. While conducting the interviews, I noticed almost everyone mentioned yellowface as something that they were reacting against in their […]

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Celebrate Black History Month with the University of Michigan Press!

by Briana Johnson February 1, 2022

The University of Michigan Press is excited to recognize its list of titles that help further our historical and contemporary understandings of Black culture, community, and experiences within the United States and abroad. We want to take this time to acknowledge the work our authors have done to increase awareness of these subjects, promote new ways of thinking, and continue to push the boundaries of how we think about race.  While this reading list is not comprehensive of all our authors and books, we encourage you to explore more titles under our African American Studies and African Studies lists. Follow […]

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New book: “Papyri from Karanis: The Granary C123”

by Kathryn Beaton September 17, 2018

From our Classics editor Ellen Bauerle:   The Press is very pleased to note that the Chronicle of Higher Education recently listed among its books received our recently published volume Papyri from Karanis:  The Granary C123, edited by W. Graham Claytor, Assistant Professor of Classics at Hunter College, and Arthur Verhoogt, Professor of Papyrology and Greek and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor at the University of Michigan. This volume represents a restart of one of the Press’s oldest series, going back to the early days of the University of Michigan and its Press.  It also showcases the University’s stellar collection of Greco-Roman papyri,  the largest such in the […]

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Author and Historian Christian Habicht Has Passed at 92

by Kathryn Beaton August 7, 2018

From our Classics editor Ellen Bauerle:   The University of Michigan Press notes the passing of Christian Habicht, a member of the School of Historical Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, from 1973 to 1998. We were privileged to work with Prof. Habicht on the publication of his book The Hellenistic Monarchies in 2006. In addition to that volume, he was also the author of very many articles and numerous other notable books, including Cicero the Politician (1990), Pausanias’ Guide to Ancient Greece (1985), and Polybius’ Histories, revised together with Frank Walbank (2010). His first two books, Gottmenschentum […]

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