Jack Lessenberry

Jack Lessenberry discusses ‘Boy Governor’ on Michigan Radio

by Brianne Johnson October 30, 2012

In an essay delivered on Friday, October 26, Michigan Radio’s Political Analyst Jack Lessenberry discussed “a politician you may never have heard of, who nevertheless may have had a bigger influence on shaping our state than anyone….His friends called him Tom. Tom Mason.” Lessenberry was referring to Stevens T. Mason, the youngest presidential appointee in American history, and the subject of a new book that was just published by the Press, The Boy Governor: Stevens T. Mason and the Birth of Michigan Politics. In his essay, Lessenberry states, “Those of us who grew up here learned in elementary school that Mason was the […]

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New UP Almanac gets rave review

by Heather Newman January 6, 2010

Jack Lessenberry, columnist for a variety of Michigan and Ohio newspapers and Michigan Radio commentator, said he thought the UM Press was joking when we first offered him a look at the new Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Almanac. Surely, he said, it would be an Escanaba in Da Moonlight-style joke. He changed his mind after receiving a review copy. “When the Upper Peninsula Almanac arrived, I just couldn’t put it down,” he wrote in his blog. “It is five-hundred and eighty pages full of, yes, crazy and fun stuff, but also fascinating history, important reference material and more information about the […]

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