Q&A with Betty Jean Lifton, author of Lost & Found

by University of Michigan Press March 13, 2009

The first edition of Betty Jean Lifton’s Lost and Found: The Adoption Experience advanced the adoption rights movement in the United States in 1979, challenging many states’ policies of maintaining closed birth records. For nearly three decades the book has topped recommended reading lists for those who seek to understand the effects of adoption—including adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents, and their friends and families. Now in its third edition, author Betty Jean Lifton talks with us about her book. Dr. Lifton is an adoption counselor and adopted person. She has a practice in Cambridge Massachusetts as well as New York […]

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“The Prophet of Garbage”

by kris bishop October 14, 2008

  by Guest Blogger, author Michael Behar. In early 2006, I got a press release in my email inbox touting a new technology that could turn garbage into energy. The public relations firm that wrote it said their client, a quirky inventor named Joseph Longo, had invented a machine that could devour virtually any type of waste and from it produce electricity. My first question: Was this a hoax? When I Googled it, Longo’s company, Startech Environmental Corporation, turned up suspiciously few hits. I told my editor at Popular Science about Longo and his so-called “plasma converter” energy machine. He, […]

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