Lever Press

UMP “Launches” Open Access Book Program

by Charles Watkinson October 21, 2017

[This post is written by Charles Watkinson, Director, University of Michigan Press and Mary Francis, Editorial Director, University of Michigan Press] University of Michigan Press has published details of our Open Access books program. You can see a link to it on the front page of our website and also a link that shows all the OA books that we are publishing and have published listed (over 1,100 books and counting). As the quote marks in the title suggest, there is an element of clickbait to the title of this post since University of Michigan Press has been making our books open access for […]

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Lever Press and Knowledge Unlatched: Two Paths to a Common Goal

by Charles Watkinson November 16, 2015

The University of Michigan’s recent involvement in a study into the implications of moving to a producer-pays model of open access monograph publication highlighted the importance of never making publishing decisions based on an author’s ability to pay. Insulating the publication decision from the financial requirements of open access book publishing is the connecting theme between two different and complementary initiatives that Michigan Publishing will be supporting in 2016; Knowledge Unlatched and the Lever Press. The common feature of both is the leadership role libraries are taking to create an equitable and inclusive environment for long-form scholarship. As described last […]

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