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New York Times columnist David Carr passes away

by Shaun Manning February 13, 2015

The media world mourns the passing of David Carr, the forward-thinking media columnist at the New York Times. Carr, 58, died Thursday evening after collapsing in the Times newsroom. Shortly before his unexpected death, Carr moderated a panel at the New School on Citizenfour with director Laura Poitras, journalist Glenn Greenwald, and whistleblower Edward Snowden. Video of the discussion is available at the Times’ TimesTalks site. Carr established himself as a respected and thoughtful culture writer and media analyst, and was “an early evangelist” for social media, according to his Times obituary. His weekly Media Equation column was an especially valuable resource for […]

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Nikki Usher’s Remarkable Inside Scoop: Behind the Scenes at the New York Times

by Phillip Witteveen May 21, 2014

Professor Nikki Usher is a former journalist with expertise in media theory, social media and communication studies who has turned her formidable attention to the newsrooms of America. There is a shift going on in this subset of our culture — the values and practices of journalism that are transitioning from print to web in a number of ways we don’t fully understand yet. So what is this shift in journalistic culture? Now more than ever, there is less of a distinction between outlet and audience. As the accessibility to news platforms in blogs and social media increases, we are […]

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