Race Riots

Remembering the 1967 Detroit Riot, part 4: “A striking ambiguity”

by Brian Matzke July 21, 2017

“A striking ambiguity”: Race, labor, and radical politics before and after the riot Black Detroit and the Rise of the UAW New Edition August Meier and Elliott Rudwick Foreword by Joe W. Trotter Right in Michigan’s Grassroots From the KKK to the Michigan Militia JoEllen McNergney Vinyard Secret Witness The Untold Story of the 1967 Bombing in Marshall, Michigan Blaine L. Pardoe Black America in the Shadow of the Sixties Notes on the Civil Rights Movement, Neoliberalism, and Politics Clarence Lang 1967 was not the first time Detroit experienced a large scale riot. The summer of 1943 saw a riot […]

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“When I was a young girl” by Susan Messer

by University of Michigan Press July 1, 2009

When I was a young girl, growing up in 1960s Detroit, someone told me, possibly a teacher, that Jews and blacks were minority groups. I remember walking home, turning this idea over in my mind, and thinking that the person who had concocted it must be terribly misinformed, because when I looked around my world, the only people I saw were blacks and Jews. When I told this to a neighbor recently, she said, “You mean there weren’t any  . . . just plain white . . . ?” “No,” I said. “Oh, maybe a few.” Grand River and Joy […]

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