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“Money Isn’t Speech and Corporations Aren’t People” by David Kairys, on Slate

by kris bishop January 29, 2010

David Kairys, the author of Philadelphia Freedom: Memoir of a Civil Rights Lawyer, published an op-ed last Friday on “Money Isn’t Speech and Corporations Aren’t People: The misguided theories behind the Supreme Court’s ruling on campaign finance reform“. A couple days after the President’s State of the Union, in which Obama pointedly disagreed with the recent Supreme Court ruling while the Justices sat directly in front of him, we’ll give David the floor: __________________________________________ “Go back almost a century, to the time when the modern corporation was created, and you’ll find laws that prohibit or limit the use of […]

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by kris bishop October 8, 2008

Selections from the Philadelphia Freedom photo section. (Click on photo thumbnail to enlarge.)       PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM, by David Kairys “In recollecting a career devoted to fighting for social justice, David Kairys (Law/Temple Univ.) has sifted through hefty files of documents to reconstruct events in and out of court and to re-create conversations with clients, witnesses, judges and other lawyers. The result is a fully fleshed-out memoir of life on the front lines of the civil-rights movement. Beginning as a public defender, the author was not yet a member of the bar when he took up the cause of […]

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Q&A with Stephen Ziliak co-author of The Cult of Statistical Significance

by University of Michigan Press September 10, 2008

Stephen Ziliak and Deirdre McCloskey have published a new book: The Cult of Statistical Significance: How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and Lives (University of Michigan Press, 2008). Question: How, if at all, can a book on statistics deal with issues of social justice? Stephen Ziliak (“Prof Z”): Good question! For years, I, like most people, did not see any connection at all between statistics and social justice, or, to say it more generally, between statistics and ethics. It wasn’t until 1989 – while working at the Indiana Department of Workforce Development – that I saw for the […]

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