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Citing Recent Court Cases, Professor Praises U-M Press Title

by Shaun Manning December 6, 2011

In a recent blog post considering high court decisions in the United States and Britain, Michael Smithson, Professor of Psychology and Decision Sciences at Australia National University, called Stephen T. Ziliak and Deidre N. McCloskey’s Cult of Statistical Significance: How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and Lives “a swinging demolition of the unquestioned application of statistical significance in a variety of domains.” Like Ziliak and McCloskey, Dr. Smithson notes that there are meaningful applications of statistical significance, but context is important–what is being measured, what is the sample size, and what a non-significance finding might actually mean are […]

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Tamara Piety Discusses Implications of First Amendment on Pharmaceutical “Speech”

by Shaun Manning November 23, 2011

Tamara Piety, author of the forthcoming University of Michigan Press title Brandishing the First Amendment: Commercial Expression in America, recently spoke with the Pharmalot blog on the implications of expanding First Amendment protections to corporate marketing speech, specifically as it relates to the pharmaceutical industry. At the heart of the discussion is a Supreme Court decision striking down a Vermont law that restricted data mining–in this case, records of which doctors prescribe which medicines–for marketing purposes. Piety explained that “the data mining and pharmaceutical companies argued that Vermont’s singling out of marketing for different treatment than say, research or law […]

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‘Elly Peterson’ author celebrates 40 years of the National Women’s Political Caucus

by University of Michigan Press August 11, 2011

Sara Fitzgerald is a former Washington Post reporter and author of Elly Peterson: “Mother” of the Moderates, a biography of one of the leading ladies in the Republican Party, who set the stage for a new generation of women in politics. She was a panelist recently at the 40th anniversary gathering of the National Women’s Political Caucus. Forty years ago this summer, 300 women gathered at the Statler Hilton Hotel in Washington to found the National Women’s Political Caucus. In her memoir Getting Better All the Time, Liz Carpenter recalled, “It was a day that changed my life.” If she […]

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“Interest Groups” Author Examines Supreme Court’s Stand on Public Financing

by Shaun Manning July 20, 2011

Guest blogger Robert G. Boatright is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Clark University and the author of Interest Groups and Campaign Finance Reform in the United States and Canada, available now from the University of Michigan Press. Here he considers the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down an Arizona campaign finance law. On June 27, the U.S. Supreme Court ended its term by handing down its decision in the Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC v. Bennett case.  By a 5-4 margin, the Court struck down a provision of Arizona’s campaign finance system that allows publicly funded candidates to […]

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Stephen T. Ziliak Discusses ‘Cult of Statistical Significance’ on BBC Radio 4

by Shaun Manning April 21, 2011

Stephen T. Ziliak, co-author with Deidre N. McCloskey of The Cult of Statistical Significance: How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and Lives, appeared on BBC Radio 4’s More or Less with Tim Harford to discuss the problems with significance testing. Harford’s program focuses on the way numbers and statistics are used and misused in the public realm, and for the April 15 episode he spoke with Ziliak about a recent Supreme Court decision that hinged on whether statistical significance was a meaningful standard by which to assess a company’s liability for a potentially dangerous product. Harford began using […]

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