Amy Cook (“Building Character”) on the Oscars

by Kathryn Beaton March 1, 2018

Our author Amy Cook, an Associate Professor of English and Theatre Arts at Stony Brook University, recently answered some questions about her new book, Building Character: The Art and Science of Casting.   Films play a prominent role in your book’s examination of casting choices. When you look over the list of nominees for this year’s Academy Awards in acting, what casting choices stand out as exceptional? Some of these actors originated the roles they are in: there was no other Lady Bird or Elisa Esposito before Saoirse Ronan and Sally Hawkins were cast in those roles. Other actors are […]

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Author David Savran awarded 2011 Kurt Weill Article Prize for ‘Highbrow/Lowdown’

by Trade Marketing October 27, 2011

American Theatre professor David Savran has been awarded the 2011 Kurt Weill Article Prize for the chapter “Fascinating Rhythm” in his University of Michigan Press book Highbrow/Lowdown:  Theater, Jazz, and the Making of the New Middle Class.   Described by the panel as “vivid and eminently readable," Savran's work "beautifully contextualizes – from the viewpoint of a theater scholar/cultural historian – George Gershwin’s works for the musical stage.” “It has wide appeal, as seems fitting for a prize bearing the name Kurt Weill. In fact, in its lucid portrayal of the ‘crossing of categories’ between highbrow and lowbrow elements in 1920s […]

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