Being Human during COVID

by Briana Johnson November 29, 2021

This is a guest post from Kristin Ann Hass, editor of Being Human during COVID, from the University of Michigan Press. This volume is available for purchase in paperback and open access reading — made possible by the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science and the Arts and the Michigan Humanities Collaboratory. Did the headlines this weekend about the Omicron variant suck a little of the joy out of your holiday? Did it bring back all too familiar waves of worry? It is one thing to know that variants will be popping up and circulating for some time to come – and it […]

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A New View on the Roman City of Gabii

by Briana Johnson November 15, 2021

This is a guest post from Laura M. Banducci and Anna Gallone, editors of “A Cemetery and Quarry from Imperial Gabii” from the University of Michigan Press. The open access volume can be found here.  A Layered Approach to Publishing in Archaeology Located 12 miles east of Rome, Gabii was a major Latin city during the first millennium BCE, developing in step with its peers in central Italy. This new publication, A Cemetery and Quarry from Imperial Gabii, presents the final results of the excavation of two areas of the Gabii Project, at the Archeological Park of Gabii. The Gabii Project is a […]

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Can Negotiation Theory Help Find Peace on the Korean Peninsula?

by Briana Johnson October 27, 2021

This is a guest post from Eric N. Richardson, author of  “The Art of Getting More Back in Diplomacy: Negotiation Lessons from North Korea, China, Libya, and the United Nations,” from the University of Michigan Press. This volume is available for purchase in hardcover, paper, as well as accessible ebook formats.  Notoriously frosty, North Korea’s warm response to recent appeals to declare an end to the Korean War is an example of a crafty negotiation strategy, of the type analyzed in The Art of Getting More Back in Diplomacy, my new book being published October 26 by the University of Michigan Press. North […]

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Q&A with “Sampling and Remixing Blackness in Hip-hop Theater and Performance” Author, Nicole Hodges Persley

by Briana Johnson October 26, 2021

How do the topics in Sampling and Remixing Blackness expand on current research in Blackness and theater? How does it expand upon the performance of Blackness in digital spaces?  These are great questions. I think the book seeks to complicate Blackness as a site of identity formation and creative inspiration for Black and non-Black artists, consumers, scholars, etc. The act of sampling itself suggests an opportunity to reference and recontextualize a piece of music, art, movement, etc. I really am interested in a multi-centered, transnational, and intersectional experience of Blackness that is not conflated uniquely with African American particularity as […]

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Building Structural Equity: Michigan Publishing Celebrates Open Access Week

by Briana Johnson October 25, 2021

This is a post by University of Michigan Press Sales, Marketing, and Outreach Director, Kristen Twardowski.  Today marks the start of this year’s Open Access Week, and we at Michigan Publishing are eager to share with you the ways that we are working to open research now and in the future. At its core, open access (OA) is an ever-evolving approach to sharing research. It is the practice of making journal articles, books, data, and infrastructures freely available to use online. Opening this content to everyone, no matter where they are located, allows people to be part of larger, global […]

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