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by kris bishop on April 23, 2009

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Mirage by Cynthia Barnett

Part investigative journalism, part environmental history, Mirage reveals how the eastern half of the nation—historically so wet that early settlers predicted it would never even need irrigation—has squandered so much of its abundant fresh water that it now faces shortages and conflicts once unique to the arid West. Check it out!

Carbon Strategies by Andrew Hoffman

Carbon Strategies describes specific steps any business can take to implement sound, practical, climate-related corporate policies. Based on Andrew J. Hoffman’s widely praised report from the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, and significantly revised in light of subsequent developments, Carbon Strategies teaches practitioners and students about the importance of timing policy implementation, establishing appropriate levels of internal and external commitment, influencing beneficial policy development, and creating new business opportunities based on climate policy. Check it out!

Great Lakes for Sale by Dave Dempsey

Great Lakes for Sale is a book for anyone interested in saving the Great Lakes, a huge fresh-water system that contains an estimated 6 quadrillion gallons of water and about twenty percent of the world’s fresh surface water. The book poses—and answers—important questions about the export and diversion of Great Lakes water. Not only does Great Lakes for Sale examine past and present water-diversion practices; it also shows readers what they can do to save this natural resource.Check it out!

How to Find Morels by Milan Pelouch

Each spring in the United States, old-timers and new converts to morel hunting appear in the woods in search of the elusive but distinctive morel, a mushroom well known and loved in Michigan and other states for its superb flavor and culinary value. So prized is the morel that favorite morel hunting spots—not unlike those of its cousin, the European truffle—are closely guarded secrets to morel devotees. Check it out!

Twelve Classic Trout Streams in Michigan by Jim DuFresne

This completely revised and updated edition of the indispensable original offers more information on why Michigan is such a great place for all fly fishers. Twelve Classic Trout Streams also features new material—for example, information on hatches, including a hatch schedule chart; a list of ten flies that every Michigan angler should have; and equipment (line weight, rod length, etc.) for Michigan streams.At the heart of the book is the increased number of public access sites complete with GPS coordinates—a first among guides to Michigan streams. There are also all new photographs and improved maps that include stream bottom identification.Check it out!  

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