We have made it onto President Obama’s Reading List…

by kris bishop on May 4, 2009


Sacred Violence by Paul Kahn, 978-0-472-05047-5, $22.95
In Sacred Violence, the distinguished political and legal theorist Paul W. Kahn investigates the reasons for the resort to violence characteristic of premodern states. Read more here.

Imagining America in 2033
by Herbert J. Gans, 978-0-472-11598-3, $24.95
At the heart of Herbert J. Gans’s utopian narrative is the vision of progress with fairness on which the best of American idealism has been built. Read more here.

To See Ourselves As Others See Us by Ole R. Holsti, 978-0-472-05036-9, $24.95
Ole R. Holsti documents an increasing anti-American sentiment. His analysis suggests that the war in Iraq, human rights violations, and unpopular international policies are largely responsible. Read more here.

International Political Earthquakes by Michael Brecher, 978-0-472-05001-7, $40.00

When terrorism, ethnic conflict, military buildup, or other local tensions spark an international crisis, Brecher argues that the structure of global politics determines its potential to develop into
open conflict. Read more here.

Good Money by George Selgin, 978-0-472-11631-7, $60.00

In the 1780s, when the Industrial Revolution was gathering momentum, the Royal Mint failed to produce enough small-denomination coinage for factory owners to pay their workers. As the currency shortage threatened to derail industrial progress, manufacturers began to mint custom-made coins, called “tradesman’s tokens.” Read more here.

The Cult of Statistical Significance by Stephen T. Ziliak & Deirdre McCloskey, 978-0-472-05007-9, $24.95

The authors find that researchers in a broad spectrum of fields, from agronomy to zoology, employ “testing” that doesn’t test and “estimating” that doesn’t estimate. The facts will startle the outside reader: how could a group of brilliant scientists wander so far from scientific magnitudes? Read more here.

Defending the Holy Land by Zeev Maoz, 978-0-472-03341-6, $35.00

Defending the Holy Land is the most comprehensive analysis to date of Israel’s national security and foreign policy, from the inception of the State of Israel to the present. Read more here.

Distrusting Democrats by Devra C. Moehler, 978-0-472-06993-4, $24.95

How does mass participation affect political culture in countries undergoing political transition? Distrusting Democrats examines the consequences of citizen involvement in Uganda, one of a
growing number of countries employing the participatory model of constitutional reform. Read more here.

Integrity and Agreement by Lanse Minkler, 978-0-472-11643-0, $70.00

Social scientists who treat humans as rational beings driven exclusively by self-interest ignore a key factor shaping human behavior: the influence of moral principles. Starting with the elementary principle “lying is wrong,” economic theorist Lanse Minkler examines the ways in which a sense of morality guides real-life decision making. Read more here.

The Strategy of Campaigning by Kiron K. Skinner, Serhiy Kudelia, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita & Condoleezza Rice, 978-0-472-03319-5, $22.95

The Strategy of Campaigning explores the political careers of Ronald Reagan and Boris Yeltsin, two of the most galvanizing and often controversial political figures of our time. Both
men overcame defeat early in their political careers and rose to the highest elected offices in their respective countries. Read more here.

The Many Faces of Political Islam by Mohammed Ayoob, 978-0-472-06971-2, $22.95

Analysts and pundits from across the American political spectrum describe Islamic fundamentalism as one of the greatest threats to modern, Western-style democracy. Yet very few non-Muslims would be able to venture an accurate definition of political Islam. Read more here.

Kinship and Diasporas in International Affairs by Yossi Shain, 978-0-472-06910-1, $22.95

In the face of globalization, the War on Terror, and massive shifts in migration patterns, analysts and scholars are finally being forced to reckon with the limitations of the old territorial models of global politics. As these and other political and economic changes continue to defy national borders, interested readers owe it to themselves to appreciate the power of kinship and diaspora—two of the most powerful factors in transnational politics today. Read more here.

Are Worker Rights Human Rights? by  Richard P. McIntyre, 978-0-472-05042-0, $24.95

“Workers of the world, unite!” Karl Marx’s famous call to action still promises an effective means of winning human rights in the modern global economy, according to economist Richard P. McIntyre. Read more here.

The Street Porter and the Philosopher edited by Sandra J. Peart & David M. Levy, 978-0-472-11644-7, $60.00

Adam Smith, asserting the common humanity of the street porter and the philosopher, articulated the classical economists’ model of social interactions as exchanges among equals. This model had largely fallen out of favor until, recently, a number of scholars in the avant-garde of economic thought rediscovered it and rechristened it “analytical egalitarianism.” Read more here.

Beyond Sputnik by Homer A. Neal, Tobin L. Smith, & Jennifer B. McCormick, 978-0-472-03306-5, $30.00

Science and technology are responsible for almost every advance in our modern quality of life. Yet science isn’t just about laboratories, telescopes and particle accelerators. Public policy exerts a huge impact on how the scientific community conducts its work. Read more here.

Federalism by Malcolm M. Feeley & Edward Rubin, 978-0-472-11639-3, $35.00

Federalism refers to a system in which a centralized national government shares power with member states. Beyond this most basic definition, however, scholars debate the applications and implications of the term. Read more here.

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