Check Out Where Our Authors Have Been Recently

by University of Michigan Press on June 30, 2009

DavidSavran2  For the jazz enthusiasts our two recent jazz authors have been busy discussing their new books.
FIrst, listen to author, David Savran, on Inquiry with Mark Lynch on WICN. Savran talks about his new book Highbrow/Lowdown: Theatre, Jazz and the Making of a New Middle Class and the roots of jazz theater.

Check out other upcoming University of Michigan Press author events.

Then, hear what author John Howland has to say about jazz legend Duke Ellington on Jazz 89.5 WMOT where he discusses his new book: Ellington Uptown: Duke Ellington, James P. Johnson, and the Birth of Concert Jazz.

Authorphoto_johnson   A Good Quarrel was recently featured on BookTV. The panel included contributors from the book discussing their favorite supreme court oral arguments. Including audio of the arguments, the panel provided thoughtful insight into the most fascinating court in the US. Watch the show


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