New Open Text Project begins, allowing free reading and comments on books

by Heather Newman on April 7, 2010

Book details In honor of National Autism Awareness Month in April, The University of Michigan Press is pleased to announce its first-ever Open Text Project book, allowing both free viewing and comments by readers on the paragraph level online.

Annie Lehmann’s son Jonah was born with severe autism, leaving her determined to do something about it. Over the years, the family tried numerous methods to help Jonah, most of which ended in disappointment. But as Lehmann writes in The Accidental Teacher, that journey became a path of self-discovery for the family, paved with both frustrations and triumphs.

That book is available in its entirety to view online for a limited time by visiting Using a platform designed by, readers can leave comments at the individual paragraph level, respond to others’ comments, and generally use the book as a springboard to meaningful discussions about autism and parenting.

This is the first Open Text Project title published by The University of Michigan Press, but won’t be the last. This platform can be used to solicit public comments from general readers on a work already published, as in this case, or private expert opinion on books still in progress.

The Accidental Teacher is available for sale as well in cloth, paper, and e-book versions.

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