Tamara Piety Discusses Campaign Funding

by Phillip Witteveen on October 10, 2012

Tamara Piety, author of Brandishing the First Amendment, appeared on a recent broadcast of the Oklahoma News Report (a contributing station of PBS), commenting on the Citizens United ruling on changes in campaign spending in the time leading up to the election.

Piety spoke about commercial interests extending First Amendment rights, such as those afforded to a private citizen (the topic of her book), and the lack of transparency to both the general public and to stockholders of the company. The current state of election laws, she said, “allow for these non-profit organizations to actually serve as sort of laundering devices, through which corporations can funnel their contributions and there don’t appear to be any limits on that.”

Piety went on to say, however, that ” some of the threat of Citizen’s United has not materialized as much as we feared because SuperPACs “don’t want to be too identified with a party, when they need to sell to everyone.”

For the full interview, head over to the Oklahoma News Report — the video can be found in the left side bar and is the 9/28 broadcast.


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