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by Brianne Johnson on December 14, 2012

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John Griswold, writing under the pen name of Oronte Churm in his blog on Inside Higher Ed, begins his review of Available Surfaces: Essays on PoesisT. R. Hummer’s recently released collection, by considering how he might want to pass time spent on a desert isle: “One of my own wishes might be to read through the entire Poets on Poetry series from The University of Michigan Press.” We can’t argue with that!

Griswold goes on to state that “Hummer’s ability to create turns of phrase and images makes every piece in the collection interesting,” and says “The whole is…entertaining and meaningful.”

In Available SurfacesHummer explores the art of making poetry, and of the concept of “making” itself. He draws on childhood experiences and experiences as an adult, as a poet, and as an explorer of unworldly spaces to examine that “something ineffable about the process of making of which the poem is the exemplary artifact.”

You can read Griswold’s entire review here, and order a copy of Available Surfaces here.


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