Michel Serres awarded prestigious Dan David Prize

by Shaun Manning on March 8, 2013

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Professor Michel Serres, author of The Natural Contract, The Troubadour of Knowledge, Genesis, and, with Bruno Latour, Conversations on Science, Culture, and Time, has been awarded a Dan David Prize for his “achievements that shape and enrich society today.” Administered by Tel Aviv University, the David Prize is awarded annually in each of three time divisions–Past, Present, and Future–with each category carrying a $1 million award. Additionally, each era recognizes a particular field that rotates each year; Professor Serres was one of two winners this year in the “Present: Ideas, Public Intellectuals and Contemporary Philosophers” cohort.

“Michel Serres is a French master thinker of the old school, with an intimate knowledge of the western tradition in philosophy and science, from its origins to the present, a passionate curiosity about the present and the willingness—and the ability—to enter productively into discussion of a vast range of current questions,” Serres’ biography on the prize site states. “Serres is an eloquent, even seductive writer. Both in France and in the United States, where he has taught for many years at Stanford, he has been a compelling and charismatic teacher, and his lectures and publications have reached large audiences around the world. His combination of deep learning and profound thought with the desire and ability to address the public has become rare.”

For more information on Serres and the Dan David Prize, visit the official site. To learn from the “master thinker,” pick up any of his books from the University of Michigan Press.

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