U-M Press celebrates new collaboration with Center for Japanese Studies

by Jenny Geyer on October 6, 2016

On Wednesday, University of Michigan Press/Michigan Publishing joined the University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies (UMCJS) at the Asia Library to celebrate the publication of Red Roofs and Other Stories by renowned Japanese author, Jun’ichirō Tanizaki. The successful collaboration of UMCJS and U-M Press makes the newly translated version of Jun’ichirō Tanizaki’s collection of four short stories available once again in English, and another translation of Tanizaki’s work, The Gourmet Club, scheduled for publication this coming spring. U-M Press’s Acquisitions Editor for Asian Studies, Christopher Dreyer, partnered with the UMCJS and helped guide this important project, which came together quickly, as everyone involved was nothing short of enthusiastic about bringing Tanizaki’s work back into print for English-readers.

Tanizaki is a not only a highly revered writer, but his lasting impact can be seen in the works of many acclaimed contemporary Japanese writers such as Haruki Murakami. With his sensual, often provocative style, Tanizaki forces both his characters and readers to question the nature of fantasy and reality, making his work just as relevant and thrilling today as it was when it was first penned nearly 100 years ago.

Keep an eye out for more books by and about Tanizaki from the U-M Press in collaboration with UMCJS!


Photo by Yuri Fukuzawa, Program Coordinator for the Center for Japanese Studies.

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