Ancient Greek

New book: “Papyri from Karanis: The Granary C123”

by Kathryn Beaton September 17, 2018

From our Classics editor Ellen Bauerle:   The Press is very pleased to note that the Chronicle of Higher Education recently listed among its books received our recently published volume Papyri from Karanis:  The Granary C123, edited by W. Graham Claytor, Assistant Professor of Classics at Hunter College, and Arthur Verhoogt, Professor of Papyrology and Greek and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor at the University of Michigan. This volume represents a restart of one of the Press’s oldest series, going back to the early days of the University of Michigan and its Press.  It also showcases the University’s stellar collection of Greco-Roman papyri,  the largest such in the […]

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GUEST BLOG: Digging for Magic

by Phillip Witteveen May 30, 2013

Our guest blogger is Andrew T. Wilburn, author of the recent book Materia Magica: The Archaeology of Magic in Roman Egypt, Cyprus and Spain. Wilburn is an Associate Professor of Classics and Archaeology at Oberlin College. He teaches courses on a variety of topics in ancient history, archaeology and art history, and Greek and Latin language and literature. Have you ever been in love, deeply in love, with someone who did not return your affection? Or maybe you’ve gotten into a little trouble with the law—a speeding ticket? Did you wish you could say “Abracadabra” and have the problem go away? For […]

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Ellen Handler Spitz on UMBC In The Loop

by Phillip Witteveen December 11, 2012

Ellen Handler Spitz, author of Illuminating Childhood, was featured on UMBC’s In the Loop video series, which showcases new and interesting ideas in academia. For this episode, Professor Spitz, who teaches Humanities, met with Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Professor Govind Rao, to discuss the relationship between the sciences and the arts, which are, as it turns out, have more in common than is widely thought. “You were describing art ad building new forms” said Professor Rao, “I think that’s very much the soul of engineering also”. Developing technology in Rao’s lab is a highly creative process, and indeed technology itself, […]

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How the American Justice System Sacrifices Innocent Defendants

by kris bishop October 15, 2008

by guest blogger George Thomas, author of The Supreme Court on Trial: How the American Justice System Sacrifices Innocent Defendants DNA has conclusively proven the innocence of hundreds of prisoners, yet thousands, if not tens of thousands, of innocent prisoners remain behind bars because no DNA evidence exists or it has not yet been tested. There are only a few movements in the US legal community, such as the Innocence Project, which are actually involved in helping to change this. My new book argues that due process of law is most importantly about protecting innocent suspects and defendants. The book […]

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