U-M Press Award Winning Books for 2017

by Charles Watkinson January 4, 2018

Awards serve as a third party validation for the merit of scholarship and production value of the books that the University of Michigan Press creates. Awards bring recognition and prestige to our authors, our exemplary books, our Press, the U-M Library, and our parent institution. The University’s brand of excellence is reinforced everytime a U-M Press title is acknowledged. U-M Press books are routinely nominated and win prestigious awards and are held in high regard within our scholarly community. A sample of recent awards are listed below. A full list of the more than 200 award-winning titles may be found […]

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From the Vault: Press Awards from 2003-2008

by Mikala Carpenter August 14, 2013

Our “From the Vault” posts allow you to take a peek into the history of the Press, where you can rediscover past authors, projects, editors, awards, and more that led to the development of the university publisher that the Press is today. This window into our past spotlights backlist or out-of-print titles and series and also recommends and contextualizes them with similar current and forthcoming titles. Explore the drawers of the Vault with our intern, Mikala Carpenter, as we uncover the hidden treasures that await us in the archives of the University of Michigan Press. This is the first of […]

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Q&A with Bonnie Nardi, author of “My Life as a Night Elf Priest”

by University of Michigan Press August 10, 2010

World of Warcraft rapidly became one of the most popular online world games on the planet, amassing 11.5 million subscribers—officially making it an online community of gamers that had more inhabitants than the state of Ohio and was almost twice as populous as Scotland. It’s a massively multiplayer online game, or MMO in gamer jargon, where each person controls a single character inside a virtual world, interacting with other people’s characters and computer-controlled monsters, quest-givers, and merchants. Bonnie Nardi has given us a fresh look not only at World of Warcraft but at the field of game studies as a […]

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UM Press launches groundbreaking series with Bard Graduate Center

by Heather Newman June 17, 2010

The University of Michigan Press announced today that it has formed a partnership with the Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture, to produce a new series of books. The Bard Graduate Center Cultural Histories of the Material World Series will overcome the boundaries between academic disciplines and the boundaries between print and electronic media to tell the story of how human beings have shaped and interpreted the world around them. “This is an important series, in an interdisciplinary area that has not received its publishing due, led by a board of outstanding scholars worldwide in a variety […]

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Al (Franken) Gets His Wish

by kris bishop January 7, 2009

by Kimberley Coles, author of new UMP release Democratic Designs: International Intervention and Electoral Practices in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina Minnesota’s ongoing – and to some, ludicrous – electoral recount saga between Al Franken and Norm Coleman is actually a well-trodden electoral sorrow story.  The case of the 171 uncounted ballots “discovered” on December 2nd, 28 days after the election, is just a singular episode in the larger drama, but one variously interpreted as state sponsored fraud, an embarrassment, or, more rarely, as within an acceptable margin of error (0.000065, 171 out of about 2.6 million or so). An alternative interpretation of […]

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