Rackham Centennial Lectures feature Press authors

by Shaun Manning October 1, 2012

This Fall, University of Michigan’s Rackham Graduate School will feature three University Press authors in its Centennial Alumni Lectures series. The lecture series is a showcase for U-M graduates to present on a topic in their fields, highlighting the university’s diversity and intellectual legacy. More than 6o lectures, each hosted by a graduate department, will take place over the month of October. Among the presenters are Press authors Lea M. Stirling, Deborah R. Geis, and Michael S. Lewis-Beck. Here are the dates and times for their speeches: Lea Stirling, Canada Research Chair in Roman Archaeology at the University of Manitoba […]

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Exhibit at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology honors museum’s namesake–and subject of new U-M Press biography–Francis Willey Kelsey

by Emily June 25, 2012

From now until September 16, the Kelsey Museum is hosting a special exhibition honoring its namesake called “A Man of Many Parts: The Life and Legacy of Francis Willey Kelsey.” Describing the exhibit, the Kelsey Museum states: “Informed by John Griffiths Pedley’s new biography, The Life and Work of Francis Willey Kelsey, the exhibition draws upon the Kelsey Museum’s extensive collection of archival photographs, slides, postcards, stereoscopic images, and guidebooks used by Kelsey on his expeditions and upon Kelsey’s papers, now at the Bentley Historical Library.” President of the Archaeological Institute of America, professor at the University of Michigan from 1889 […]

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Two University of Michigan Press titles receive honorable mention for the Joe A. Callaway Prize

by Shaun Manning June 22, 2012

Kimberly Jannarone’s Artaud and His Doubles and Judith Pascoe’s The Sarah Siddons Audio Files each received commendation in New York University’s Joe A. Callaway Prize for Best Book on Drama or Theatre. These two University of Michigan Press books, along with Daniel O’Quinn’s Entertaining Crisis in the Atlantic Imperium, 1770-1790 from Johns Hopkins University Press, received honorable mentions in the biennial contest, while Martin Puchner took home top prize for The Drama of Ideas: Platonic Provocations in Theater and Philosophy published in 2011 by Oxford. The Callaway judges called Jannarone’s book “a provocative, meticulously researched inquiry into the theatrical practices and ideological complexities of one of the most […]

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Q&A with Eugene Dwyer, author of Pompeii’s Living Statues

by University of Michigan Press July 1, 2010

In AD 79, Mt. Vesuvius erupted in two stages. While the first stage was incredibly destructive, it was the second stage, a so-called pyroclastic flow that inundated Pompeii with a combination of superheated gases, pumice, and rocks, killing tens of thousands of people and animals and burying them in ash and mud. Pompeii’s Living Statues is a narrative account, supported by contemporary documents, of the remarkable discovery of those ancient victims preserved in the volcanic mud of Vesuvius. Eugene Dwyer is Professor of Art History at Kenyon College. Trained at Harvard and the Institute of Fine Arts at New York […]

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UM Press launches groundbreaking series with Bard Graduate Center

by Heather Newman June 17, 2010

The University of Michigan Press announced today that it has formed a partnership with the Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture, to produce a new series of books. The Bard Graduate Center Cultural Histories of the Material World Series will overcome the boundaries between academic disciplines and the boundaries between print and electronic media to tell the story of how human beings have shaped and interpreted the world around them. “This is an important series, in an interdisciplinary area that has not received its publishing due, led by a board of outstanding scholars worldwide in a variety […]

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