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Interview with William Cheng, winner of the 2016 AMS Philip Brett Award

by Sam Killian November 11, 2016

We at University of Michigan Press are pleased to share that William Cheng’s new book, Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good, received this year’s Philip Brett Award from the American Musicological Society. Philip Brett (1937–2002) was a beloved professor and a pioneer of queer music scholarship. The book, an urgent treatise on the ethical stakes of contemporary musical scholarship and citizenship, was celebrated during the AMS annual meeting. During this meeting (which happened to take place this year in Cheng’s hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia), the Society praised Just Vibrations, calling it “a nuanced and intersectional work that meets concerns […]

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Maize Books Q&A with Jack Dougherty

by Meredith Kahn May 10, 2013

Our friend and colleague Jack Dougherty posed several excellent questions after our recent announcement. With Jack’s permission, we’ve reproduced his questions here with answers and commentary indented below. We have also included a follow-up question from another friend and colleague, Kristen Nawrotzki. Many thanks to Jack and Kristen for the opportunity to participate in a stimulating dialogue!

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Q&A with Sheryl James, author of ‘Michigan Legends’

by Emily May 1, 2013

Sheryl James is the author of the newly released Michigan Legends: Folktales and Lore from the Great Lakes State. Here, she discusses why Michigan is a particularly rich region for legends to spring up, how she conducted her research for the book, and more. The University of Michigan Press: How did you approach your research for this book, and did your research take you to any interesting places? Sheryl James: My research had to be original, or close to it – in other words, with few exceptions, I was accessing very old books and source material. Older Detroit books I found at […]

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New author video: Joseph Geha discusses novel ‘Lebanese Blonde’

by Phillip Witteveen January 29, 2013

Joseph Geha sat down with the Press to discuss Lebanese Blonde, his recently published novel about two Lebanese immigrant cousins who concoct a scheme to import a potent strain of hashish into the United States using the family’s mortuary business as a cover. Set in Toledo, Ohio’s “Little Syria” community in 1975-76, Lebanese Blonde tells the story of Aboodeh, a self-styled entrepreneur, and Samir, his young, reluctant accomplice. In the video, Geha, who immigrated to Toledo with his family when he was two years old in 1946, discusses the role that food plays in the immigrant experience, detaching from one’s native […]

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Authors discuss ‘The Chief Concern of Medicine’ on the Jefferson Exchange

by Phillip Witteveen January 11, 2013

“Every patient has a story, and every doctor has to know it” said the host of the Jefferson Exchange as he announced his guests, doctors and authors of The Chief Concern of Medicine, Ron Schleifer Ph. D. and Jerry Vanatta, M.D. The book, as they explained, was a product of the collaboration they had been doing teaching a class about the medical humanities. ” I had a remarkable experience in my office”, explained Jerry, “which led me to wonder, if we could put together a course on literature and teach it to medical students.” He went on to tell a story […]

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