Remembering Tom Hayden

by Jenny Geyer October 26, 2016

Stephanie Steinberg, author of In the Name of Editorial Freedom: 125 Years at the Michigan Daily, wrote the following piece as a tribute to her work with Tom Hayden while writing her book.   Many will remember Tom Hayden as a 1960s radical activist, California state legislator or that guy who was once married to actress Jane Fonda. I’ll always remember Tom as a fellow Michigan Daily editor-in-chief, and someone who cared as much about the University of Michigan’s student-run newspaper as me. After his passing Sunday night, newspapers across the country highlighted Tom’s significance in history. The New York Times said […]

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John Oliver on the NCAA

by Phillip Witteveen March 25, 2015

In its most recent episode, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver did some muckraking on the controversies of “amateur” student-athletics; as one of his rapid-fire segments, Oliver reported: “Fun fact: The very first executive director of the NCAA stated that he ‘crafted’ the term ‘student-athlete’ in the 1950s, explicitly to avoid worker’s comp for injured athletes. And 60 years later, that term is still working.” That “very first executive director” was Walter Byers, during whose long tenure (’51 – ’87), the NCAA became a multi-million dollar commercial enterprise (with, for example, 68.2 million on the table for televising the NCAA’s ’88 basketball season). In this way, Byers has had a far-reaching influence in […]

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Guest blog: Author of forthcoming book on Michigan Basketball on the team’s journey to the Final Four and awaiting the final chapter

by Emily April 4, 2013

Sports writer Mike Rosenbaum is the author of the forthcoming book Restoring the Tradition: Michigan Basketball’s Journey from Cazzie Russell to Trey Burke, which will be published by the University of Michigan Press in Fall 2013. On Jan. 17, 2009, Glen Rice, Rumeal Robinson, and most of their Michigan basketball teammates returned to Ann Arbor for a reunion. The group had won U-M’s first NCAA basketball championship 20 years earlier, in Seattle, to literally become “the champions of the west.” In their day Michigan was expected to compete for Big Ten and NCAA championships every year. But when they walked onto […]

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Frank Deford quotes James Duderstadt on the culture of college sports

by Shaun Manning July 26, 2012

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, hosts of ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike” show, spoke with acclaimed sports writer and Sports Illustrated columnist Frank Deford about the culture of college athletics in the wake of the Penn State scandal. Deford said that the byword for college football and basketball is “More,” with athletic programs becoming “bigger, huger, and of course wealthier, richer. And all of that has led to more temptation.” To Deford’s mind, there is no way to “reel it back in.” “It’s just going to get bigger and bigger. We’ve seen that with the new contract for the football […]

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NPR’s Only a Game chats with Brian Porto about “The Supreme Court and the NCAA”

by Shaun Manning February 22, 2012

Brian L. Porto, author of the recently-released The Supreme Court and the NCAA: The Case for Less Commercialism and More Due Process in College Sports, took to the radio this past weekend to discuss his new book with Only a Game, produced by Boston NPR affiliate 90.9 WBUR. Porto’s book, which addresses long-simmering concerns about the commercialization of college sports, became especially timely thanks to a series of articles by New York Times columnist Joe Nocera; University of Michigan President Emeritus James Duderstadt has also weighed in on the controversy. The Supreme Court and the NCAA examines two court cases […]

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